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NAMI Provider Eductional Course

The NAMI Provider Education Program presents a penetrating subjective view of family and consumer experience in serious mental illness. The teaching team constists of five people : 2 Family Members, 2 consumers, and 1 mental health professional and is taught over the course of five weeks, but can be tailored to fit the needs of the agencies being trained. This course is specifically designed to involve consumers in this challenging educational effort. Much of the course reflects a new knowlegde base, the actual lived experience, gained through coping with a brain disorder and caring for those who struggle with this life challenge. The goal is to validate the subjective, lived experience of consumers and family member caregiversas a primary knowledgebase for developing staff skills and competencies in public agencies serving individuals with serious and persitent mental illness.

NAMI In our own voice

NAMI "In our own voice" is a public education presentation. It enriches the audiences' understanding of how 58 million Americans contending with mental illness cope while also reclaiming rich and meaningful lives. Presented by two trained speakers who themselves live with mental illness, the presentation includes a brief video and personal testimonials, lasts 60-90 minutes, and is offered to a variety of audiences free of charge.

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