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NAMI Family-To-Family Eductional Course

The NAMI Family-To-Family Educational course is a 12 week eductional course provided to families, friends, caregivers, and community members. The course covers current information about all major mental illnesses including research related to the biology of brain disorders and the evidence based, most effective treatments to promote recovery. It provides up to date information about medications, side effects, strategies for medication adherance. Coping skills are taught on gaining empathy by understanding the subjective, lived experience of a person with mental illness. Special workshops are given for problem solving, listening, and communication techniques; aquiring strategies for handling crisis and relapse, and focusing on care for the family, coping with worry, stress and emotional overload. Families are equipped to work with mental health clinicians in a collaborative manner, thereby helping in the recovery process.


I have enjoyed an eductional program where I can learn how to help my loved one with depression. Mental illness is an illness like any other, and needs to be understood and treated. With NAMIs support, I hope that mental illness will get the respect it deserves.

The Family-to-Family Class is an invaluable community resource that provides training in complex mental health illnesses and treatment. The training also provides realistic solutions, support and tools that aid in dealing with mental illness in a healthy, informed, and effective way. I cannot recommend this class more highly!

This class saved my marriage!

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