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El Dorado County Community Resources

NAMI Resources

NAMI National Office1-800-950-NAMIWebsite:
NAMI California(916) 567-0163Website:
NAMI El Dorado County(530) 677-2676
(530) 621-4734
Jan Melnicoe
Maureen Focht
Mental Health Department
South Lake Tahoe
(530) 573-7800
(530) 544-2219
Outpatient Clinic
NAMI South Lake Tahoe(650)-740-5776Jeanne Nelson

Crisis Phone Numbers

Psychiatric Health Facility
935-B Spring St.
(530) 622-3345
Crisis Phone Numbers
Marshall Hospital Outpatient Facility
670 Placerville Dr
(530) 621-6290Appointments
Patients Rights Advocate(530) 621-6183
Marshall Hospital(530) 626-2678

Local Resources

Community Health Center(530) 621-7700Accepts CMSP/MediCal
Shingle Springs Tribal Health(530) 672-8059Accepts CMSP/MediCal
Western Sierra Medical(530) 647-9762Accepts CMSP/MediCal
Divide Wellness Center(530) 333-2548Accepts CMSP/MediCal
Department of Human Service(530) 642-7300Helps with CMSP/MediCal
Bi-Polar Insights(530) 642-0859Support Group

Contact Info

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 393
El Dorado CA, 95623

Placerville Phone
(530) 621-4834
(530) 677-2676

South Lake Tahoe Phone